Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dominic!

Today Dominic is 6. Blows my mind. He’s been sick this week, so we’re kind of glad we didn’t plan a party. Last week he was really yeastie so we added in antifungals and this week’s he’s been fevery and coughing. (And par for the course, so have I). no signs of regression w/this crud, tho. Which is nice. But those circles under his eyes? Those showed up when he started feeling puny.

Dominic’s favorite birthday present appears to be the Monkey hat I had a friend crochet for him. He wore it to school today… imagine that….

Instead of a big party this year, we are taking Dominic up to the Denver Aquarium and restaurant (yes, there’s a seafood restaurant in there… ) on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous! We will take the camera and try to get some good bloggable pictures

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Dominic! The hat is great. I hope he's feeling better today and you all have a wonderful time at the aquarium.

Rae (France)