Thursday, February 3, 2011

been there, done that....

So, I spend a lot of time hanging out on message boards online. I’ve got one specifically for ASD parents who do Biomed… another for local moms, and another that’s a moms group but not local…

One of my friends from that group (who is actually probably reading this – hi A) has a recently diagnosed ASD little boy (2-3ish). She’s been doing all the grieving associated with the diagnosis, and learning ABA, and being overwhelmed, and learning… etc. The other day her little boy caught a virus… and she posted asking other ASD moms if it was normal to regress after a virus.

Hello DejaVu. Its like Dominic all over again. I told her, (on the phone), no one who hasn’t watched their child slip away from them gets it. I get it. I’ve Been There, Done That. And nothing is quite as traumatic, or leaves you feeling quite as helpless.


There’re things you can do, and I went into all the stuff we’ve done for Dominic over the last couple of years (has it really been 3 years since the original regression? It feels like a decade).

I hadn’t realized I’d crossed the line between being the one looking for guidance and the one giving it until today.

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