Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr Kucera followup

My brain is mushy, but the short version is Dominic's got some adrenal fatigue going on, and corresponding high levels of neurotransmitters. We've got a handful of new supplements to phase in.

Dr Kucera was thrilled with the verbal jump, and we're checking Dominic's vitamin A levels to see if we want to do the 3 day mega-dose vit A protocol for measles titers.

After we get all the neurotransmitter and adrenal sup's added in, we are cleared to trial evening primrose oil/grapeseed and carnosine.

fun times.

edited to add:
I am looking at a lab report for Dominic in which a HUGE number of neurotransmitters are elevated significantly. We're adding supplements recommended by the lab (Neuroscience is the lab name, and the sup's are their brands - imagine that). I'm in territory I'm just not fluent in here.... Our first step w/supplements is to support the adrenals... then we move into all these Neuroscience ones.

Epinephrine (normal 7-12, his was 24)
Norepinephrine (normal 30-45, his was 135)
Dopamine (normal 115-175, his was 727)
Serotonin (normal 120-185, his was 349)
Glycine (normal 455-980, his was 1858)
Glutamate (normal 15-32, his was 154)
Histame (normal 14-24, his was 44.6)

GABA, Creatinine, and PEA were the only ones they tested that came within normal ranges.

These are their products that we'll be starting ...


Also today we had a nice parent conference over at Alpine. Nothing remarkable there, except that his Free Op's have been so good that they are going to phase out counting them, and focus on manding and tacting.

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