Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Its an awfully good thing i'm proficient with spreadsheets

Because I have no idea how I'd keep track of all of this stuff otherwise. We are keeping a daily log of am focus, am energy, pm focus, pm energy, poop, sleep, extra stims, and mood. If I'm really productive I'll graph it after we've got everything integrated in....

So, we're 4 days into the first new supplement from last week's Dr appointment. Adreset. Dr K told us the dosage would be 1 capsule in the morning. On Saturday, I gave him his first capsule. WOW. If we thought he was a high energy kid before, we were WRONG. He wasn't hyperactive, really, he was just REALLY REALLY busy. His speed was FAST. He spent a couple of hours outside running, and then ran inside.

Oh. And he didn't go to sleep until almost midnight. The kid who goes to sleep at 7pm every night.

So, Sunday he got 1/4 of a capsule. (imagine that). The energy was still high, but at least he slept. We've stayed at 1/4 capsule, and we might go up to 1/2 a capsule this weekend. Maybe. We'll see. Not a big fan of the not going to sleep part.

I've got D11 and Alpine tracking his energy level and his focus. Monday's energy was higher than today, but todays focus was higher than Monday.

The other noticable side effect is he's Sensitive. As in bursting into tears for no reason. Today, Alpine told him not to put his tokens in his pocket, and he started to cry and said "Sad". Which is cute in an AWWWWW sort of way, but he's been such a happy kid that I really hope its a transient effect. Either that or he's hit a moody part of his development....

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