Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Email I just sent off to the Nutritionist....

We saw Dr Kand Ann last week, and he specifically suggested I email you for some help. I have 2 issues that I could use some help with...

1. We did a NeuroScience Adrenal and Neurotransmitter test. Results came back with Adrenals very fatigued (pretty much flatlining throughtout the day) and the neurotransmitters out of whack as follows

Epinephrine (normal 7-12, his was 24)
Norepinephrine (normal 30-45, his was 135)
Dopamine (normal 115-175, his was 727)
Serotonin (normal 120-185, his was 349)
Glycine (normal 455-980, his was 1858)
Glutamate (normal 15-32, his was 154)
Histame (normal 14-24, his was 44.6)

GABA, Creatinine, and PEA were the only ones that came within normal ranges.

So Dr K started Dominic on Adreset for his adrenals (side effects
so far - a full capsule resulted in ridiculously high energies and
insomnia. We cut it to 1/4 capsule the second day. Then he is going
to have a start a bunch of Neuroscience products one at a time over
the next couple of weeks: Avipaxin, Kavinace, and EndoTrax.
Can you comment on the test results, and help me understand why using
these particular (expensive) sup's will help in the long run?

2. We're really starting to struggle with ongoing expenses for
Dominic (supplements, HBOT, and ABA therapy), and our monthly
supplement cost is now up to $620 (total of 32 daily supplements).
We need to look at ways to reduce that. The most expensive per month
supplements are the Therabiotic at $35/mo and the Oxicell Glutathione
cream at $50/mo.

I've had some people suggest that we look into fermenting our own
(water based) Kefir grains to replace some (or all) of the probiotics
he takes. I've had others suggest we make our own yogurt. (Dominic
doens't like yogurt, so i'm thinking thats out). What is your take
on us replacing one dose per day of probiotic with a homemade Kefir
drink (using cultures from this webpage, the waterbased ones not milk
based - Frankly $17 once for a
culture that will last indefinitely is FAR preferable to the $35/mo
for Therabiotic.

For glutathione, we need a cheaper option. What kind of dosage would
you use for a 50lb boy (of the capsules) and do you have a brand

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