Monday, April 4, 2011

High Dose Vit A protocol is a GO!

Talked with the doc's office this morning, and Dominic's Vit A levels come back within normal range, so he's cleared us to try the high dose Vitamin A protocol.

I can't find a link with the exact instructions they gave us, so i'm going to retype them (my comments are italicized)

We're going to do this protocol this coming weekend, and i'm really excited about it. I went back and checked lab results to confirm that the high rubeola titers were indeed IgG, and what do you know.... (the labcorp reference says anything over 1.09 is immune, and his are 3.35, so are 300% of normal)

JUNE 11 2006
HIGH DOSE VITAMIN A: Sid Baker and Jaquelyn McCandless

For Kids who meet 3 of the following Criteria

Regressing after MMR (check)
Continued Gut Issues (check)
Elevated Rubeola IgG titers (check)
presence of Brain Auto-antibodies (Anti-Myelin Basic Protein, anti-neurofilament) (haven't tested Dominic for this)
Lymphoid hyperplasia on endoscopy showing vaccine strain virus in gut (have not and hope never to do a 'scope on Dominic)

(Though not listed as one of the essential criteria, I always consider sideways glancing (using peripheral vision) as another important criterion) (check)

Hundreds of kids have done this now since it was introduced. I would estimate about 40-50% have a dramatic positive benefit, 25% show mildly positive benefits, and 25% have no response. Only a handful have had negative experiences, hyperactivity, headaches, drowsiness, rashes. None to my knowledge have been irreversible and if kids have these on the first days dosage I advise parents to forgo the second day (as it may be a sign of vitamin A toxicity)... I use 400000iu of Mycelized Vitamin A Palmitate for kids over 50lbs (Dominic is 50lbs on the nose, we'll probably do 375K since our vit a comes in 15K iu doses and thats a neat 25 capsules). The dose should be given all at once in the morning so that they can be observed for any signs of toxicity. Somnolence is one of the things you need to look out for; they should not be allowed to sleep - this is why its important to give in the morning so they can be properly observed. The wallop seems to work much better than stringing it out all through the day; I think the viruses need this frontal attack. PLEASE ONLY DO THIS PROTOCOL ONCE EVERY 6 MONTHS AS VITAMIN A STORES IN THE LIVER AND CAN BECOME TOXIC IF USED TOO OFTEN. After the high dose, maintenance should be between 10K and 256K iu daily according to their size (add their A from cod liver oil and other sources to get total amount).

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