Sunday, April 10, 2011

This and that...

~ Nothing exciting to report from the Vitamin A protocol. So, no toxic or negative reactions. This is one of those things that we'll see how the remainder of the week goes.

~ When we walked out of Dr K's office last time, I came home and updated my supplement budget tracking spreadsheet (i break out cost per month of each supplement Dominic takes), and we were up to $620/mo. Thats not happening. I've done some brand changing and dosage tweaking and we are back down to $400 ish a month. I decided to inventory everything and sort by when we'd have to buy more, so I'm feeling better organized. however, next appointment, we're probably going to have the "if you want to add that supplement to Dominic's routine, we have to cut x amount out" conversation with the doctor. That should be interesting.

- Dominic will be rocking the gap toothed grin soon. BOTH front bottom teeth are loose, one of them is very loose.

- Check out the fundraising! My company yearly Match is has bumped us up nicely. :)

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