Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Todays Conv. w/the Nutritionist:

Via Email.

From: Joy
To Cindy the Nutritionist


I just wanted to followup and see if you'd been able to schedule time
with the NeuroScience Immunologist about Dominic's high cytokines.



From Cindy
To Joy

Yes, we have been trading messages. Thanks for following up and we'll get
it done.

From Joy
to Cindy


We've had interesting viral die off reactions to the High Vit A
protocol that we did this weekend. Very chapped lips and rash
yesterday that turned into peeling dry skin around his mouth today. I
posted at and another parent had the super chapped
lips die off reaction to the Vit A which fascinates me. I talked with
the office yesterday, and for now we are just keeping it very moist,
avoiding suppressing it at all.

I'll make a note to check in next week and see if you have further
info from the immunologist.



From Cindy
To Joy

Thanks, Joy. That is encouraging news! Have you already done Valtrex
with Dominic?

From Joy
To Cindy
No, we have not done Valtrex, but depending on how this all shakes out
with the Vit A, and the results of your conversation with the
immunologist, additional Antivirals will be on my list to discuss at
our next appointment...

From Cindy
To Joy
sounds like a plan!


So here's a link to a discussion of the Valtrex / Antiviral protocol that Cindy's refernencing...

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