Saturday, April 16, 2011

5K Day!

Pictures coming, have to find the camera software and reload it first. (long story)

We had a beautiful day for the Alpine 5k - sunny, warm, no wind. We took the dog this year and that turned out to be the BEST decision ever - keeping track of Shanti gave Dominic something to do, and a focal point, and we had NO MELTDOWNS.

The armadillo from last year was there again. This year, tho, while Dominic was apprehensive about it, he didn't cry! And he stuck his finger in the Armadillo's nose. Yay!

And Dominic actually ran the whole Kiddie race, and got a medal for finishing.

We had about a dozen folks walking with us, and we finished mid pack (a nice change from last years dead last). Again, the dog was invaluable, because he kept Dominic going - sometimes at a trot.

I won the fundraising competition. Yay! Prizes this year were a beautiful engraved 8x10 picture frame, a scentsy warmer (we'll see if I can find a scent that doesn't send me into a full on allergy attack), and a $50 gc for dinner at PF Changs (Date night!). I had 60 donors! You guys are awesome. The majority of our donations were $40 or under. I did get a lot of matching from Verizon - since so many of my colleagues donated and did the Verizon matching program, so that really helped.

Pictures will be coming as soon as we find the software....

edited to add...
here are links to a couple of photos that a third party photographer took
Dominic and Shanti
Shanti, Karen, and I
Andrew, Rod, Marsha, With Dominc, Karen and JJ in the background

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