Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Continuing down this Unique Healing protocol path….

We had a call with Donna yesterday in which reviewed the results of the mB12 trial, and talked about tweaks.

Symptoms for the last 2 weeks – twice he got uncomfortable enough (eg, going to the bathroom and sitting, TRYING, but not able to eliminate) that we helped things along with magnesium.   Other than those 2 days, he’s been going 2-3x a day, smaller, fully digested normal colored kind of lumpy (eg, not perfectly smooth/round).   Mid week last week he got the same runny nose/cold that I have, so I gave him colloidal silver.  On Saturday night, we noticed for the first time ever a horrible, sulfuric bad breath (and gas) from him, Ditto Sunday and Monday.   Behaviors are overall notably better, Speech is holding steady.

Donna said that the sulfuric breath and gas are probably a result of bacterial infection, which is interesting.  A quick google shows that another possibility could be eating too many sulfur containing foods (this would  surprise me because this’s never been an issue before).   She also said that because of the bentonite usage, the gasses are coming out instead of accumulating in his blood.  So I suppose that’s a good thing – its certainly disconcerting for your child to reek of  rotton eggs.   She was very glad we were already giving him colloidal silver and we are to continue.  He HATES the taste of  it…. 

High mB12 trial
Well, his behavior is noticeably better at Alpine as shown by multiple days each week with zero non compliance.  But verbals are holding steady.  And we’re throwing a LOT of mB12 at him.  So the question becomes, is it worth the money for the behavioral change, especially since we had to go up to 24 tablets a day.  We’ve decided to stay with the super high dose of mB12 at least through the first monthn or so of D11, since transitioning to 2 environments was so hard on Dominic behaviorally last year.  Hopefully it’ll help.

Donna did mention that since the super high dose of mB12 was effective with behavior, but not speech, then its clear that his body isn’t making it, and he needs it.  But that we need to find another crutch to help with the speech and amp up the bowel healing.  Eventually the bacteria in his gut will make all the mB12 that he needs, so this is not a forever thing.   From her experience, that’ll be upping the dosage of bentonite.

We talked about the next couple of Dr K. supp’s that we’re going to east off of – the B complex, extra E, and the anti inflammatories (curucmin, neuroprotek).  We talked about how the anti inflammatories have been a huge wow for us, and we’re going to transition them to the Bentonite, which is anti inflammatory itself (because it removes the acids that cause the inflammation).

So, we’re going to trial  an increased dosage of the bentonite - we’re going to  go up to 60 caps a day [from 30] for 3 days and  if there’s any change at all in his stools – less frequency, different form, different color, etc – then we will jump up to 90 for 3 days , and if there’s changes at that level then stay. If no, go back to 60 . If there’s no change in his stools with 60, we’ll drop back down as it will show that the problem isn’t too many acids in his blood, its that his bowel needs healing, and we need to focus more on the bowel strength healing.

Fun times!  So glad that swallowing pills is not an issue for Dominic….

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