Friday, July 22, 2011

And this round goes to Mommy!

Dominic doesn't love zucchini.  In fact, he prefers to skip it entirely.  Dinner tonight was stuffed zucchini... and i specifically left the cheese off of some of them for him to be able to eat.

Here's how it played out

 He ate the meat, avoided the zucchini. I caught him feeding the dog some. I put the dog in another room.  He screamed at me to UNBUCKLE the booster seat.  I asked him if he'd like some strawberries, and if so he needed to eat the zucchini.  He did the whole cover his mouth with the hand thing while sobbing at the injustice of it all.

I asked if he was all done, and he proclaimed " ALL DONE"

Okay.  Bath comes after dinner.  So i took away the dinner plate AND the strawberries and ran the bath.

Hysterical crying.  Snorting snot.

I unbuckle him.  He buckles himself back.  I offer the zucchini, he locks his lips.

I run the bath.  Strip him (over the screams), hose him off in the worlds fastest bath, Wrestle him into a towel, put on the pj's....

go to pick up his laundry and he's darted into the kitchen where he's shoving the zucchini frantically into his mouth.

And i sit him down with his strawberries before i tuck him in.

He happily goes to bed.


J said...

you definitely need a drink! But hey, he ate the zucchini :)

Anonymous said...

I go through that sort of thing every single day with my son. It's so frustrating! Only my son never gives in. Even the two Feeding Therapists that he's had didn't have any success with him.