Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This made my day.

A mama friend of mine, who we know from Dominic’s pre-regression days, when he played with her little girls regularly is also a therapist at Alpine.  She has just recently come back after taking a little more than a year off for the birth of her third child, and sent me this lovely message yesterday.  I asked her if I could share it over here because it just plain made my day.

“So, I know lines get a little blurry being a friend and also a therapist and I'm not sure exactly how much I should be talking to you about what goes on there. But, I just HAVE to gush on your boy! It is like a different child from when I went on maternity leave! I am not on his team and only see him at lunch sometimes. Today I sat with him and he looked at me, and asked for things!!!! Then when it was time for me to go he LOOKED IN MY EYES and clear as a bell said, bye! It is amazing! I am so proud of all of your hard work and fighting for him and so proud of all of his hard work. He has made so much progress, I hope this new program has the results you are looking for! (BTW, he has the most gorgeous hair in the world!)”

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