Monday, July 18, 2011

This post is all about poop. And Behaviors.

First poop.  Feel free to skip ahead.

So one of the big  pieces of this unique healing protocol we’re doing is healing Dominic’s gut.  Actually, that’s  the whole purpose of the protocol. Idea being, if the gut is healed, the rest of the body is too.

One of the concerns Dr K had when I mentioned we  were going to use bentonite was that he had a patient years back who ended up in the ER with a bowel obstruction due to bentonite.   I promised I’d watch Dominic’s stools religiously.  And I have been (I even have alpine therapists telling me his stool status for every session.).   When we mentioned the impaction concern to Donna, her take was  different.  She said that she is the only practitioner doing high dose bentonite anywhere right now.  And in the 20 years she’s been doing it, she has not had a single person with a bowel obstruction.   She does not believe we are at risk of a bowel obstruction for Dominic.

One of the things I asked her was – what do we do when he gets constipated, and by constipated, I mean clearly uncomfortable, clearly needing to go, pushing so hard he’s in tears, etc.   And I told her we’ve done prunes for this before.  She is not a fan of prunes because they can cause cramping.  She told us she’d rather we used magnesium (because it wll relax the colon muscles and is alkinalizing) or give additional bentonite.

Up until yesterday, Dominic has been pooping 2-3x a day, big one in the morning, smaller later. Yesterday, he sat down to go and nothing happened.  He was Not. Pleased.  He sat down, clearly needing to go probably every 45 minutes all morning.  To the point of saying OW and doing the wiggly jumpy dance.  So I gave him magnesium at lunch.  By late afternoon it worked. And it worked WELL.  I have never seen so much come out of such a small body.  And he was MUCH more comfortable.

 On to the behaviors.

Last week, both Thursday and  Friday, Dominic had ZERO non compliance incidents at Alpine.  A non compliance is when he refuses to do what he’s asked.   This is amazing. In June, he was averaging ~3 non compliances per day, and last Sept, he was averaging 8.  Remember, June and July are full days, where September was half.   At one point we were talking with Alpine about timing of non compliances, because each episode was lasting 5-15 minutes.  Its hard to get work done when you’re having that big of a snit – so without non compliance, he’s getting a whole lot more therapy time.  We’ll see if the trend continues.   Its certainly looking like increasing the mB12 to 120mg / day has had an effect.

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