Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Protocol Updates…

Okay, we are at day 10 of the Unique Healing Protocol, and here’s an update

On 7-8, we added 80mg (yes,mg, not mcg) of mB12 per day.  We increased that to 120mg 7-12 because while we didn’t see any negatives, we also didn’t see super positive changes that Donna had hoped we’d see.

Where we are right now:

Stools:  1-2x per day, once a day being very large and the second time just small.  Until this morning they were very normal looking, and this mornings was a bit yeastie (fluffy) looking.  (will give oil of oregano tonight and tomorrow morning for the yeasties)

Sleep: No changes, still going down ~ 7ish and getting up ~ 6ish.

Verbals:  Data from Alpine remains pretty similar to June – Verbals varying widely through the day (out of 4 sessions yesterday, he ranged from 35 -120 spontaneous tacts per session, for example)

Behaviors:  If anything, he’s a little calmer, but overall behaviors seems to be holding steady with pre-protocol.  update:  today at Alpine, Dominic had exactly ZERO episodes of non compliance... a first EVER. (he had 3 growls and 4 yells, for a total of 7 negative behaviors ALL DAY)

We’re about a third of the way through phasing supplements out – we’d started some in June, but are thrilled to report that data shows he’s not having any regression with the phasing out.  This is part of what the Unique Healing protocol said it would do, so if it does the rest (eg, heals his gut), then we will have made huge progress.

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