Friday, July 8, 2011

unique healing followup appt

we had a followup on the unique healing protocol today.  Here's how the week panned out

Tues:  Started Bentonite
Thurs: Started Bowel Strength

poop:  Looking overall more formed.  Still 2+x a day.
Behavior: no notable changes that we can pin on the supplements.  He is a bit more stimmy, but we're a week into summer therapy break, so the lack of routine could easily be the culprit.

Changes:  we're going to add high dose mB12.   5000mcg tablets, 16/day for 5 days.  If behavioral/speech/focus improvement, go up to 20 and stay.  If no improvement, try 24 for 5 days before we give up.  mB12 is one of Donna's go to crutches - in a healthy gut, the gut flora produce all the mB12 that a body needs.  By supplementing at heavy dosages while working on healing the gut (the long term part of this), she frequently sees symptoms disappear.   Since B is a water soluble vitamin, its not possible to overdose, so i'm not concerned about that.  Also since mB12 should balance moods, once we get established on the mB12, we will go ahead and stop lithium.

supplements we are clear to stop when we run out of them: probiotics, digestive enzymes, adrenal support (who knew, bentonite will balance the adrenals by pulling out acids and making them more capable of doing their job).  I really expect we'll be stopping almost everything he was on here before too long.

Right now I kind of feel like we're cheating on Dr K., (even tho he cleared a trial of the protocol) but I want to give this an honest try (which I believe will be a year).  After all, he's had 2 1/2 years of us doing everything he suggested.

And we followup with Donna the 25th of July.   It sounds like we'll have only a few more appointments with her and then she sends us on our way to manage things.

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