Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doc appointment update

This mornings doctor appointment was interesting.

I'll preface this all by saying I'm not really interested in doing this without an MD on board who can monitor / test / advise.     here're tidbits from the appointment.  (I did go in with attitude, not that that should surprise any of you.)_

We arrived at 7:50 for our 8am appointment.  We did the whole weigh, measure (he grew 3/4in and a couple of pounds since March, I knew he was eating alot), vitals thing at 8:10 and went back to the room.  At 8:30 the nutritionist came in and we did the preliminaries, and at almost 9am the doctor came in. Mind you, we were his first appointment of the day.    Apparently he'd had some questions for the lab that did Dominic's adrenal/neurotransmitter test and spent half an hour on the phone with them. while we waited.  (the iPad is a miracle, it kept Dominic from crawling the walls)

Dominic's adrenals are now in a much better place.  Turns out the reference range on the test was for Adults, not children.  Also turns out there is no reference range for children (insert eye roll here), but since his cortisol levels are now doing a nice curve down over the course of the day instead of flat lining, and he CLEARLY has plenty of energy, and the weird dilating eyes thing is easing, we're going to call it fine.

Neurotransmitter levels are better, but still very out of whack.  The interesting thing about this retest was the paragraph at the top of the interpretation/recommendations that said "based on the patient history information and the test results for the individual, and Intestinal Barrier Assessment ... is recommended.... Because intestinal distress can lead to neurotransmitter, endocrine, and cytokine imbalances [it is] a benefecial adjunct to neurotransmitter assessments"

which piggy backed nicely into my asking for them to agree that we can trial the unique healing protocol.  They agreed.   I might've not mentioned the dosage, tho, as they were clearly spooked by the usage of Bentonite clay.

Some tidbits from the appointment (like I said, I had attitude today. I'm tired of getting nowhere and throwing more and more bandaids into Dominic's system. I swear, its like playing whack-a-mole - we get one thing all balanced out and happy and another pops up).

 - Dr K suggested we do the Biofilm protocol again. I said no.  He said why not, I said "because the last time we tried that, it took 9 months for the diarrhea to stop and i'm not interested in repeating the experience".  he was a bit taken aback.

- Dr K said "oh no, you can't take bentonite clay for 3 years, that's ridiculous".  I said "why, we've been doing your protocol for 3 years".  he sputtered.

- Dr K said "Bentonite clay is definitely a chelator", I said, "fantastic you've been wanting to chelate him for ages, maybe this one won't make him crazy"

- When talking about the Intestinal Barrier Assessment test, The nutritionist said something along the lines of "Neuroscience is now making a product if you test xyz on this test", and i said "OF COURSE they are".   there were uncomfortable chuckles all around.

So, actually managed to get out of there for ONLY the $15 copay.  That's a first. I do have one supplement tweak (we're coming off of Adreset and going onto Calm-PRT), but I did say it had to wait for a paycheck.  He ordered a slew of Lab Corp bloodwork including my request for the MTHFR genetic mutation, and strep antibodies (since we think he had strep throat in May), as well as vitamin A levels and a handful other things (D, Copper, CBC).  If his A comes back under 80% then we will be cleared to re-do the high vitamin A protocol earlier rather than later.  We also are to go back and pick up test kits for another urine toxic metals test and the aforementioned Intestinal Barrier Assessment.

we are scheduled for a followup appointment in November, so that gives us a good 4 months to get all this testing done and see where the Unique Healing protocol leads us.

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