Thursday, July 28, 2011

He really is doing just fine on this new protocol.

We had our monthly parent meeting today over at Alpine and talked about how well Dominic has done this month.  Behaviors are overall a little bit down, and verbals are actually a little bit up (both spontaneous Mands and spontaneous Tacts are averaging 111 for half day, compared to 108 and 102 respectively for June).   His cutting (with scissors) skills have increased – he’s pretty much mastered straight lines, next up is circles.  He’s getting better with his writing skills, but still struggles significantly.  He’s almost mastered capital letters, and they’re working hard on numbers.   He  plowed through a lot of targets with full days in June and July.  He goes back to half days (in the new facility – which is JUST GORGEOUS) on Monday.

So, Since May we’ve come off the following Dr K supplements entirely and we’re not seeing any brain fog, behavioral increase, or verbal decrease.  This is SO exciting.    Remember, last year, when he had a major regression when we took him off things for just 4 days for a blood test?
Travacor Junior
Nutribiotic GSE
Flax oil
Enzymedica Virastop -
Source Naturals Evening Primrose Oil
Source Naturals Grapeseed Extract 100mg
Source Naturals Quercitin
Oxycell Glutathione Cream
Douglas CoQ10
Metagenics Adreset
Pharmax cod liver oil
Designs for health Lithium Synergy
Therabiotic Complete
Kirkman Digestive Enzyme
Caprilex -
Source Naturals Gaba
Source Naturals Vit C
Source Naturals Lysine
Vit B12 shots

We’ll be coming off these in the next couple of weeks, and are already at reduced dosages:

NeuroProtek -
Nutrivene Curcumin
Source Naturals Vit A
Source Naturals B6 (p5p)
NeuroScience Avipaxin
Liver Life
Klaire B Complex
Neuroscience EndoTrax
NeuroScience Kavinace

Which will leave Dominic on these supplements.  I suspect we’ll eventually also pull out the zinc and D3.   He’s taking more capsules than ever, but at least its significantly fewer different things we’re putting into him. (so so glad that he swallows pills with no problems.  I cannot imagine opening all these pills every day)

Bentonite Clay
Bowel strength
Multi vitamin (right now, Klaire VitaSpectrum, but we’re going to transition to Rainbow Light’s brain and focus when we run out of Klaire)
Costco Fish oil

We haven’t been to HBOT since June, and were only at 2x a month there for May and June.  I did win the silent auction Monday night at the Alpine fundraiser, and got a great deal on 10 sessions of HBOT, so we will be going back in September 2x a week for 5 weeks.  So that will be interesting.

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