Monday, August 22, 2011

Fundraiser, Restated.

 For clarity’s purpose… wanted to paste over here what I also posted at  (I’ve been editing the content over there pretty steadily and wanted everyone to be able to see it)

This is the first time we’ve publically asked for help paying for Dominic’s therapy.  The other fundraiser we’ve take part in – the Autism Walk each spring - has gone specifically to Alpine’s general fund.  Up to this point, we’ve been able to keep expenses balanced, but due to a number of unexpected house/car expenses in the last month we have had to start robbing the therapy account to stay afloat.   As a result of doing this fundraiser now, we will not be participating in the fundraiser part of the Alpine walk in the spring.   I want to make sure that its clear we are asking many people for small contributions – if we can get 230 people to each do $10, we have paid for a month of therapy.   I don’t want any one person to feel like they have to give hundreds of dollars.

The monies raised  will go to Alpine Autism Center as scholarship money specifically for Dominic’s therapy.   The check itself is being written by the Give Forward folks to Alpine Autism Center, and I will hand deliver it when I pay the monthly therapy bill  for October. 

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