Sunday, September 18, 2011

I *know* I should never leave the kitchen while cooking.....

So I have no idea why i did today.

In the steps between the completion of batter for 4 loaves of zucchini bread and putting them in the oven (oven was still heating, in my defense).  I sat down to answer a few emails.  Checked facebook.  Did some quick catching up with an old friend.   Couldn't have been sitting down more than 5 minutes.

realized I couldn't hear Dominic.

thats never good.

Went to the kitchen.  Zucchini Bread Batter EVERYWHERE (there was oddly enough still plenty for 4 loaves, but they are a bit short.   From the top of the stairs, I see him downstairs stripping. Follow the path of zucchini bread batter to the upstairs bathroom, where it is ALL OVER the sink.  Thru the kitchen, where its smeared w/the dish cloth and a couple of towels ALL over the counter/stove front.  Down the stairs.  On the walls / carpet / DOG.  In his room. In the downstairs bathroom, smeared all over the sink.

Got him changed, and left him in his room until i could get the place clean. 

On the plus side, he did try to clean it up.
And he did look me in the eye the ENTIRE time I made him repeat, one word at a time "I am sorry for making a mess"

(we're not going to talk about the whole ingesting gluten part of this)

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Our Little Rock Stars said...

Ahhh Yes...silence is not always golden :) The same is true for my kiddos. I would love to hear an update with the Unique Healing program. We have started the products, but have not counseled with Donna yet. But so far we have had a positive result. Thanks!