Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update on our Unique Healing journey (by request)

We just finished 10 days of super high dose antifungal, and  as Donna promised, it has reduced the frequency of Dominic's bowels from 3x per day to 1-2x per day.   Here's a review of why we want to reduce the frequency, aside from the whole yeast problem.

We'll be doing 2/3  of that dose of antifungal for 5 days, and then 1/3 for 8 weeks.

So far, everything that Donna promised her protocol would do, it has. 

- diarrhea stopped when we removed fruit juice

- the bentonite has firmed up Dominic's stools dramatically, made the color more uniform, and made them smooth, not bumpy looking.  (i have IBS and I have to tell you i've now had 3 episodes of IBS where i grabbed the bentonite in agony and it stopped everything cold, including cramping.  the stuff is magic.)

- The colloidal silver (our antifungal of choice) has reduced the frequency of Dominic's poops as she said it would.  The yeastie giggles are gone too.

- The mB12 increased his speech by 10% in the first month (mind you we were already on injections).

So, it stands to reason that her protocol will continue to do what she says it will do.  And she says with time, probably 18-24 months -maybe longer, but there is definately an end in sight, on the Bowel Strength product (which changes the pH of the bowel and facilitates healing of the gut organisms),will heal Dominic's bowels.

She says that we'll be able to back off the mB12 in 6ish months and reduce dosage because those pesky organisms will be producing it on their own again.

She says that by this time next summer, it will be MUCH easier to get control of a yeast infection if he gets one (we're doing big guns right now on yeast)

To find someone who
1. actually is willing to say that their product will heal my kid
2.  actually isn't lying about #1
3. Is more geared towards educating us on how to manage symptomes (eg, he had some cantalope, got some diarrhea, i gave him extra bentonite to absorb the acids, it went away), that make us depenent on her.3
4.  has a fricking END date on treatment instead of a keep adding supplements which you will give for the rest of time mentality


'course, she's not technically in the ASD community, but i wouldn't be surprised to see people flocking to her as this gets out.   Her theories are admittedly out there, but i would encourage ANYONE with any sort of gut or neuropsych issue to read her book and see if it resonates with you.  She also swears it helps autoimmune disease (how she stumbled upon it), weight issues, addiction.   After trying just the bentonite, i believe her.


Our Little Rock Stars said...

Thank You for the update! This is really encouraging. We started the bentonite about 2 months ago, it immediately helped going from 5+ dirty diapers a day to 2. Now I'm noticing when I do give cleansing foods, things are loose and I up the bentonite. About 3 week after starting the bentonite we started the Bowel Strength. Things have slowly improved once again. All I need to do now is have a consult so we can be more aggressive. Again, thanks for the update, I haven't come across another blog that is trying this approach.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is quite encouraging. Can you tell me how much does it cost to try this protocol? I understand it depends on the amount suggested. For example, as the price on the site says, 30 tsp of colloidal silver a day alone costs $20 a day. So, Is it like $40-50 a day? My mom has IBD, and I am thinking if this would help her. Thanks again!

Joy said...

I try not to think about daily totals, because it is a lot. Dominic right now is going through 4 bottles of Bowel Strength a month, 5 bottles of Bentonite, 7 bottles of mB12 (which is cheaper at amazon), and 15-30 bottles of Colloidal. Not counting the colloidal, we're running about $12/day. If we do 15tsp of Colloidal a day, then the total jumps to ~$22/day, if we do the full 30tsp a day its about $31. And, she does bulk discounts (eg buy 11 get 1 free) that i try to take advantage of as often as possible which reduces the overall cost some.