Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On not getting excited.

One of the things that I tell everyone who comes to me about BioMedical interventions for ASD diagnoses is don't get excited. 

There is no one protocol that helps all children. There is no magic bullet that works for this. 

One of the reasons is that ASD is not an actual MEDICAL disorder as currently diagnoses.  As currently diagnosed, an ASD diagnosis is a matter of certain social / developmental milestones either missed or hit and then lost.  Its very nebulous.

But the question becomes WHY was it missed, or in Dominic's case, why was it hit and then lost?  What physical / neurological event happened to either block that developmental door or close it.  And that mystery is what parents of autistic children seek as the holy grail.  If we can answer that question, then we can maybe find a way to treat our kids "co-morbid" medical issues, which could maybe, hopefully clear up the diagnostic criteria that landed us in this position anyway.

Another reason not to get excited is this is a marathon, not a sprint.  If you get excited and treat it like its a sprint, you're never going to make it to the end with all your faculties intact.  Maybe your child won't either because you snapped.

How many BioMedical things have we tried here to mitigate Dominic's downward spiral that were huge disappointments?  Just off the top of my head:
Chelation therapy (OSR, DMPS, NDF+, Chelex - they all caused horrid reactions)
The Biofilm Protocol (which got us 9 months of HORRIBLE daily diarrhea)

Then the list of things that have been our bigger helps, some of which we are still doing - Curcumin, Cytoflora, HBOT, ABA Therapy, high vitamin A protocol..

We still don't get excited though.  Because the other shoe might still fall.  But it probably won't.  It feels like we've had a major shift.   He's generalized the 25+% verbal improvement to D11 all three days this week.    And today... today Dominic had what  Alpine described as a "phenomenal" day.

Mands: 159
Tacts: 268
One non compliance. No stims.

(thats 90 more tacts than his previous high.  Mands are the second highest ever)

Since you're going to ask, yes I think this shift is related to the Colloidal silver dose.  I think we've made significant headway against whatever crud (yeast, bacterial, or both) has been having a party in his gut.   And now his gut has started to produce some of the neurotransmitter hormones necessary for pathways to be created in his brain.

Its coming.

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