Tuesday, October 4, 2011


First things first - this afternoon the area general manager for Red Robin called and fell over himself apologizing.  He agrees with us that what happened was not blatent disregard for an allergy alert (which was all over the ticket), it was the kitchen not catching a dish that was still dirty after running through the dishwasher.  He is sending us a GC for the cost of our dinner last night.  He specifically asked that we just notify management when we show up next so they can make sure everything is perfect, so we may do that. (we may just sit with our regular servers and make sure they know whats going on.  We were not with our regular girl last night as she was not in). I got the distinct impression that the kitchen was going to get reamed. (as well they should).  Going forward, we';ll be inspecting things very closely before Dominic eats.

All that aside - he's had more poop today than usual, but it hasn't been runny as expected (granted, I did add extra bentonite clay last night and we did an extra epsom salty bath in an attempt to mitigate the reaction).  Behaviors have been FINE (only one small non compliance at Alpine, and that was during peer play when they were doing a non preferred activity).

and speech...

has been high again.  D11 was 185 unprompted - so higher than anything except yesterday, which was 208 (prior to yesterday he'd never been over 152).    Alpine mands were 145 and tacts were 168, so we are maintaining the noticably higher rates we started last week.  Which is really interesting.

We're going to stay at the 5TB of colloidal (down from 10TB) for another week, I think before i start dropping it.  With the speech shift I really feel like we may've made great gains against fungus.

I also need to start dropping the mB12 dose down since behaviors are clearing up (with the addition of Travacor, Jr).  i will start that tonight, I think.

Its like a chemistry experiment every night. Fun times.

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