Monday, October 3, 2011

uhoh... this may make tomorrow unpleasant:

Here's the letter i'm sending Red Robin regarding the early birthday dinner we just went out for (my birthday is next week).  Tomorrow will be interesting.


My 6 year old with autism is allergic to gluten, dairy, soy, and peanuts. We made clear to the server, and she put it on the ticket.   We ordered for him the kids burger on the gluten free bun, with gluten free fries and an extra side of steamed broccoli, no butter.

When he was halfway through with his broccoli we noticed something yellow on one of the spears.  it was CHEESE.   after the server specifically noted the ticket with ALLERGY ALERT.  The inside of the bowl had obvious cheese remnants (what probably happened is it was not completely cleaned off before they added the hot broccoli to it, and the broccoli remelted the cheese).

While his allergies are not anaphylactic, this kind of exposure to cheese will give him diarrhea for at least a day.

The manager came by to apologize, but did not offer to take even the side of broccoli off of our ticket.  The server made very clear to the kitchen there were allergies, and she was just mortified with the error.

We are long time regulars at red robin and are not really impressed with how this was handled.  Regardless of their severity, allergies should always be paid attention to, AND dishes should be clean before you put food in them.

Joy, Rodney, and Dominic

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