Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday was my "run all the errands in one fell swoop to minimize the crankyboy effect" day.  Overall it went well.   It did not start well, tho.  It started with Dominic wanting to bring along with us (which for him means into ever store we hit) his ratnest toy thingie (combination of 4 shoe strings (one of them stretch), one large car, one small car,  1 airpline, and 2 pigs on leashes.  the thing was wound up in a complete mess. i swear he winds them that way on purpose), and me saying no.  this meant we had tears and screaming the first 2 stops which were the library to drop books and thru the drivethru at the bank for a quick deposit.

Fortunately, all we needed to do at the bank was put money in, so i didn't send in any ID.  That was fortunate because the cannister got stuck somewhere in the tube.  and they couldnt get it out.  I was fairly oblivious because i was reading a book while waiting, but the girl on the other end was panicking and the people in line behind me were Not. Amused.   They called me ~8 hours later to tell me they'd gotten it unstuck (they had to call someone) and my deposit made.

Then we went to Costco, uneventful.  Then the post office to return the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD that Disney decided to send me (apparently i didn't say NO fast enough, or missed a mail, or something.  No idea how that might've happened) and there was a HUGE line. Dominic spent the 10 minutes we were in line happily slamming open and shut the APC mail drop bin door. then when I was ready to go, he wedged himself  between bins and said "BYE".  Fun.  Then it was Sunflower markets, for 6 pounds of nitrate free breakfast sausage (on sale for $2/lb ).  The carts at Sunflower are too small for Dominic to sit in the kid seat anymore, so usually, he's composed enough to be able to walk with me.  However, it was the Thanksgiving Preview sample day and there were lines of people getting bites of turkey and side dishes.  Poor kiddo was so overwhelmed that he climbed into the basket and just sat there.  And i was so overwhelmed i let him!

Our final stop was the India Bazaar, the only place in town i can get my favorite hot tea bags;  For that stop, I left Dominic in the car happily eating the gummi worms we got at Sunflower as a reinforcer for not FREAKING out.   The nice Indian proprietor remarks on my freckles as he always does (they take him quite aback.  apparently freckled redheads are not common in India).

And we were home ~ 2 hours after we left.   Spent the rest of the day on part 1 of our pre-Thanksgiving deep clean (going thru the closets to tidy them,. excavating the guest room, dusting, vacuuming)

Today, after i cooked all 6lbs of breakfast sausage and made 4 loaves of zucchini bread,  I had the kitchen to deep clean, which included throwing out all expired supplements and food, condensing what could be condensed, wiping out the cubbards and scrubbing the whole thing from top to bottom. (Dominic cooperated all day by watching Meet the Robinsons at least 10 times in a row.  I am so sick of that movie)

Midway thru my cleaning, i checked my laundry and discovered my 1 pair of pants that fits and is work appropriate sprang a hole. Shopping here we come.  I stepped outside, looked at the car, and went back inside to ask Rod if the tire looked low to him.  Yep.  Somewhere on my errands I picked up a screw.  So on my way to Penney's for pants, i went to the tire store to learn that it was too far into the sidewall for a patch - and left with 2 new tires.   Did my shopping, came home and finished cleaning the kitchen, doing 3 loads of laundry and mopping the bathroom.

At supper (leftovers), Dominic was happily eating away.  We're working hard to ensure that he feeds himself with a utensil, not his fingers, and he'd picked up- then accidentally dropped on the floor - a broccoli floret.  He said "Dropped it!".  Rod said "why aren't you using your fork".  So Dominic picked up the fork, leaned over, impaled the broccoli, and then ate it.  As I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face, Rod said "thats not... really what I had in mind".

And now he's finished his bath, so i need to go tuck him in and then plan to collapse into a heap and watch a chickflick. 

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