Monday, November 7, 2011

We're Fine! Just been Busy...

Sorry about the lack of blog... life's gotten busy.  

Quick tidbits:

-  Last weeks verbals were in the toilet across the board (pun intended).  Mix between odd looking poop, lack of focus, and major sulfur smelling gas, as well as the last stool test we had done showing small amounts of it led me to point the finger at a Clostridia spp. infection (aka bacterial infection).  Treated with 1600mg Grapefruit seed extract / day for 4 days. This morning's school session was MUCH better verbally and focus wise.  Trying to get my hands on this in pill form, bcause the liquid i have tastes NASTY.

- We are back to trying to get to the gym regularly again.  Dominic now says "GYM" When I pick him up from Alpine, which is annoying on the days I'm too fried from work to go. 

- We didn't do Halloween this year. no costume, no handing out candy, no trick or treating.  Dominic didn't even notice.  Which was a bit odd, but kind of a relief because he can't eat the stuff anyway, and the last time we tried to do the costume thing, it was melt down central.

-  Dominic's entirely off of Melatonin and sleeping great.

- Laundry is a never ending curse.

Have a good day. :)

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