Monday, December 5, 2011

huh. interesting.

At 4:30 today (mind you, during the day today he had a big breakfast, a snack, a big lunch, and another snack with the latest snack being at 3:15), I came out of the office and found Dominic sitting on the living room floor happily eating the lunch i packed him for tomorrow.  Meatballs, Broccoli / Carrot mixture, strawberries and pretzels.  He did manage to sneak the dog one of the meatballs, but ate all the rest of it.

At 6pm he wanted a bowl of soup.


As he was getting ready for his bath, he postitioned my hand in a fist, clearly said "knuckles" and fist pumped me.  Then he opened my hand up and - garbled, but i got it - said "High Five" and hi fived me.  Then raised his arm, scratched his armpit and said, again, clearly - "TICKLE ME"

seriously, i couldn't make this stuff up.   Oh, and he still is rocking the snaggletooth look.

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