Saturday, December 10, 2011


For several months now, Alpine therapists have been giving us examples of 5+ word sentences he was using there.  We haven't seen that at home.   He's been regular at home with 3 words, and even a few 4 words, but until today we had not yet seen more than that.

This morning, Dominic came up to me with his bubble bucket, and CLEAR as a bell said "I want to Blow Bubbles".  I said "you do" and he said "Yes.".  And i got him some bubble mixture.  That is the longest sentence he's said to me in almost 4 years. And excellent eye contact throughout.

We don't really get milestones, so we celebrate the inchstones.

Also - In one weeks time, Dominic lost 3 teeth.  That snaggletooth came out on Tuesday evening (he pulled it himself, we think he may've actually swallowed it as there're no signs of it).  And the other loose one on the top came out on Thursday.  Fortunately, we haven't figured out how to do the tooth fairy thing with him, so he was completely UN fazed at losing one entirely.   Friday Dominic wandered around saying "I want teef." which was just cute.

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