Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thats just cute.

One of the things Dominic got for Christmas from some old friends of ours was a set of Toy Story themed wall decals.  This month has been ridiculous, so we finally had time with all three of us home and awake and not busy on something else this afternoon to put them up. 

Dominic LOVES them. They're in his room, all at his eye level.  He put up the smaller ones (they're like stickers, and with the bigger ones around a foot long, folding over and getting stuck to themselves was happening easily), and showed me where to put the bigger ones.

Tonight, at bedtime, he went around his room and said good night ____ to all of them.  The pig (which says ONK ONK), the horsie (then he neighed), the dinosaur (and he roared), mr potatoe head, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and all the stars.  It was asorable.  Time will tell if this is a new required bedtime routine.

He also, after we put all the stickers up, retrieved his stuffed woody doll, and proceeded to carry him around the remainder of the evening.  Including sitting him down on the table at dinner. 

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Decals are brilliant. My daughter has a couple of them in her room. No lasting change, easy on easy off. I love when such simple things can cause happiness for our kids.