Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monthly Alpine meeting...

So every month we go to a parent meeting at Alpine where we meet with Dominic's lead teacher, the program coordinator and the last couple of times (they transitioned between coordinators) a second coordinator to ensure smooth transitioning.

Today was our January meeting.   He's doing great - high points - we are not crazy, he is doing more sentences.  He's averaging 9.4 sentences (3 words and up) per day on average (have i mentioned that i love data?).  This afternoon when i picked him up, he said "i want tie my shoe", so i got a 5 worder out of him.  Definite progress.

All of his programs are going well - he is now using a knife to appropriately cut slices of play doh, and so tonight i had him cut his own chicken. And he did. 

Negative behaviors are primarily down across the board from last month with the notable exception of the new behavior that we noticed starting over the winter break - hitting himself in the head.  From what alpine has for data points, he's doing it as an attention getting mechanism, and so we need to work to give him language to do that instead of needing to bonk himself. And the appropriate response is to completely ignore him when he does it.

We have our IEP with D11 coming up next week and we'll be focusing on ensuring we have a good set of goals mapped out for the transition in August to full days in public school.  So hopefully that will go smoothly.

Oh, and the Alpine Autism walk is now on the Calendar for April 21.  They were not overly happy when I told them that this year I wasn't planning on doing major fundraising since I hit all my friends, family, acquaintances, imaginary friends from the innerwebz,  random people i met in the street, etc up in August for a big fundraiser for Dominic.  However, we will be walking and would love company.  So if you're local, please pencil in the date.  If you walk on Dominic's team, you get an awesome button with his face on it. :). If you are not local, and want to do something to support this, drop me a comment on this post and if there's a handful of you, then  i'll set up a fundraiser page. 

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Rhonda said...

Joy I would like to help.. If You don't set up a fundraiser page let me know how I could get a donation to you for Alpine... I think it's quite amazing at the progress Dominic has made since I've started reading your Journal. And it's because of Your non stop effort to find every possible way to make that precious little one of Yours better and Alpine... Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to follow his progress...