Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cranial Sacral...

I'm a firm believer in paying attention to what the universe offers me.  So this is why, after several weeks of Dominic bonking himself on the head for no apparent reason (to the extent that Alpine's about to add it to his behavior service plan), when my friend that i've worked with for 14 years sat down at my desk on Thursday and told me that the chiropractor his whole family had used and loved (who coincidentally does NAET and got rid of his bordering-on-anaphylactic allergy to hay) had opened a practice in Colorado Springs (they live about an hour south of here...), I paid attention.  I called her, found out that not only does she do chiropractic and NAET, but also cranosacral adjustements, and made an appointment for Dominic for this morning.

This doctor actually got off the phone with me Thursday (after I'd given her a good 20min cliffs notes version on Dominic) and pulled out her grey's anatomy book to plan strategy.   Color me impressed.  She has been looking to expand her practice into the ASD kiddo world (she read Jenny McCarthy's story and said - Hey, I can help these kids) and why my friend's wife told her about Dominic, she really wanted to see him.  So win/win for both of us.

Anyway, after she did the cranial adjustment - which looked like gentle head squeezing (and by the way she said both his head bones were significantly out of alignment), i mentioned the recent head hitting stim, and my theory he had a headache and bonking himself was blocking the pain.  She felt his neck alignment and said "I agree with you" and promptly adjusted his neck. I have not seen him bonk himself since.  What i hope, is that this was such a new stim (and everyone's response to it has been to blatently ignore it so that we didn't reinforce the behavior) that he hasn't had time to ingrain it past the pain blocking stage.  If so, its likely we won't see it again.  Which would be nice. Its very disconcerting to see your kid make a fist and hit himself in the head relatively hard.

Other immediate changes - he's been MUCH calmer the remainder of the afternoon.  He spent a good hour playing outside (some walking the dog, some actually swinging and sliding).  I dont' see additional language today, but we'll see how the week goes.

She and I both want to do one big change at a time, so we are going to add the NAET / allergy work in next week.  If we can eliminate his allergies I'll be ecstatic.  We've set up a standing appointment for Saturday mornings for a while

(and yes, i'll be going to see her myself as well.  Both for chiro and NAET.  I'm excited.  Appointment for me is Thursday)

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