Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Dominic / Cranial Sacral

I've been playing with numbers and data again.. I'm going to see the Chiro tomorrow for myself, and wanted to be able to tell her exactly the changes we'd seen in Dominic since the first CS adjustment on Saturday. (the chart tracking averages is now WAY to big to post on the blog, but i still keep it)

1.  Based on Data From Alpine.. verbals averaged from Mon-Wed sessions at alpine this week are up from last week, as follows:
Last Week's average:  Mands: 108 / tacts 105
This weeks average:  Mands 119 / tacts 148
I will qualify this with the fact that Monday and Tuesday were much higher than today at Alpine.  So this is something we want to watch longer term than just a few days for accurate trending.

2.  Negative behaviors are heading down.  I dont have exact data yet, but will by the end of the month. Therapists are all reporting much lower instances of head hitting (today there was 1, yesterday 3) which is nice.  He does seem to be reviving some old ones (like biting), but he tends to do this as he eases out of behavioral patterns - bring up old ones just to check and see if they're still not acceptable.  So i'm not terribly worried.  I have not seen him bonk his head since Sunday when I saw it once.

3.  Focus has improved at home significantly.  He has spent way more time independently (eg, without the dog), playing outside in the last 4 days than he had in the entire month previously.  He's also been suddenly enjoying sitting quietly on the floor playing with his toys without any background distraction (eg a movie).  This is a huge shift.  He played for an hour and 15 minutes today before he brought over the movie The Incredibles and asked to watch it.

so, we'll see.  Too early to get excited, but these are all nice to see.

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