Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alpine funny plus Mom gets Cranial sacral / NAET

funny story from the Alpine pickup.  Dominic's therapist told me with huge eyes "Dominic did great! we walked across the hall at snack time and without me even promping, he independently said "I want pretzels for snack".  I was so happy i picked him for tickles, and he looked at me with a very confused look on his face and said "pretzels!"".  The insider funny to this is the pickup/tickles is one of the reinforcers the Alpine staff uses with Dominic, and sometimes so are the pretzels.  So he asked for pretzels and got a tickle.  And he wanted pretzels instead.

I took myself to the cranial sacral / Naet / chiropractor that Dominic went to on Saturday today.  I have seen a chiro off and on for probably 15 years, and he retired suddenly last year when he injured his shoulder.  It'd been at least a year since I had an adjustment.  She gave me probably the most thorough physical exam I've ever had (reflexes of every joint, flexibility/range of motion of most of my joints, and pain levels from a paperclip poke on each side of the body to determine balance), and then the gentlest adjustment i've ever had.   We talked in depth about my allergies, since the NAET is a big reason I'm going to her, and her first question was when did I notice them.  They started when  we lived in the (very humid and damp) Ohio River Valley.  While i don't specifically recall mold, the schools we went to were extremely old as was the house we lived in, so i'm sure there was some.  Mold was the thing i tested most allergic to in the blood tests I had done last fall and it turned out to be the thing i reacted to most with her muscle testing evaluation.  She theorizes, and i don't disagree, that I got overrun with mold spores when we lived in Ohio and they've adversely affected my immune system, causing these sensitivities to so many other things.  Including the majority of the foods that Dominic has blood tested allergic to (wheat, eggs, legumes....) according to her testing.  So we started with her using the NAET principles to clear the mold allergy, and she believes that there's a good chance the rest will clear after that goes.  So interesting.  I have no earthly idea how this all works, but I know far too many people who completely disbelieved NAET and ended up with their allergies (in some cases anaphylactic) gone.  

Anywho, she was THRILLED to hear about the shifts we've seen in Dominic (see yesterday's post) just from the "very little" she did on Saturday.  i think we're scheduled to start the allergy stuff w/Dominic this saturday.  We'll see. 

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