Monday, February 13, 2012

apparently its been a good day. :)

So, first, Dominic is now 7!  His birthday was Saturday and we had a chill day including dinner that he got to eat with NO restrictions (we challenged all his allergies).  There was both dairy and gluten involved, and we had no immediate brain fog/hyperactivity/diarrhea!  Quite impressive.  He had one round of non compliance Sunday morning that Rod thinks could be dietary infraction related, but I don't.... i think he was just enjoying playing with his new toys and didn't want to go brush his teeth.  So we'll see.  Certainly lots of changes from the last time we tried a dietary infraction.  (this is something that the unique healing author really wanted us to try a while back, she thinks that we've got enough healing done in his gut for the sensitivities to be lifting.  Maybe she's right. Go figure)

Dominic had his 4th NAET session on Sunday.  Here's a better version of the link to the study I tried and failed to post last time.  Its midway down the page.  Dr A got very excited because the yeast protocol she used on Dominic last time stuck.  Mold came back, so they're flip flopping, but since Mold and yeast are so interrelated we both expect it to take a while longer to get rid of the both.  Once both are gone, we expect much faster results.

seriously, for as long as we've fought yeast, if NAET treatments can make it go away in a month, I will send this lady as many clients  as I can.  She is the most amazing combination of Chiropractor and true intuitive energy healer I've ever met. Which is why she's so good at allergies.


Speaking of results...

January thru 1/23, Dominic averaged 121 mands per day,  the first week of Chiro visits he averaged 130.75 mands per day and the past 6 class days at Alpine (so last week and today), he averaged 169.5.

For tacts, Jan thru 1/23 he averaged 120.  The first week of Chiro he averaged 139 and the second week of chiro he averaged 139. 

So we've seen a much bigger increase in requesting (interactions!) than we have in labelling, So thats interesting.  Both have gone up measurably. 

A year ago, he averaged 60 tacts and 78 mands for the same time period.

Today, Alpine got a 7 word sentence out of him.  He said, independently "I want to race: Ready, Set, Go".  My mom called Alpine to check in for a tax document and the receptionist told her that SHE'D seen an increase in verbals in the last two weeks.

So for now, I'm thinking this crazy Cranial Sacral / NAET thing is pretty awesome. :)


And speaking of NAET.  We went out to dinner for Dominic's birthday 3 days after she used NAET to clear me of my allergy to perfumes.  We were waiting for our table when a guy came in DRENCHED in cologne. I could smell him from 20 paces.  It was awful.   But i didn't get a headache.  First time I can remember smelling perfume and not needing an antihistamine to combat headache/swelling.  Very Very Cool.


After we got home from Alpine today, Dominic sat down (!) with me to write his name on 19 different valentines.  I did have to help with hand positioning  / provide stability, and his writing is ATROCIOUS!  But he did it! he wrote his own name  19 different times.  This is the first year that he's been able to help write his own valentines.


Anonymous said...

HI there
could you tell me what allergens you have cleared so far? do you have to go in a particular order? and do you have to do avoidance?
thanks and good luck!

Joy said...

You have to avoid the allergen for 25hrs after the treatment.
On myself, we've cleared mold, wheat, brown rice, molasses, cigarette smoke, perfume, and a bunch more
On Dominic, I'd have to look at the records for exact, but from memory she's cleared him of mold, yeast, wheat, dairy, soy, garlic, peanuts.