Friday, February 10, 2012

I still can't tell you what NAET really does...

But I feel great!

Here's a study of NAET effectiveness in treating Autism.  Very interesting...  I'm printing a copy for Dr K.

Working on the Dr K paperwork for our appointment the end of this month... Should have data throught Feb 15 to graph up this time next week.  When we saw him in July, the supplement list included 31 different supplements each day.  Now it has 10.  Thats a MAJOR shift.   Its going to be interesting to see how Dr K (and his nutritionist) feel about this.  Given that they make money off their supplements, I'm going to need to be very careful how I approach it.

Based on the last Data we received from Alpine (which was midway thru January), i think the data is going to show that his verbals have improved by 25-30% since June.  We shall see. :)

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