Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doc appt went well...

Our appt this morning with Dr K went very well.  He's extremely pleased with the speech results and gut results we've had (and was happy to be given a copy of the unique healing book).  His nutritionist, C, was really impressed with the ingrediants in the Bowel Strength supplement, and seemed very receptive to the whole thing.  They do not want us staying on a maintenance dose of Colloidal silver, but that was their only negative.   He's also didn't object to to the cranial sacral / NAET stuff - said he'd seen NAET work and while he agrees with me it makes no sense, he's seen it work.  I gave him the study, and he asked if our NAET practitioner had given it to me.  Seemed suprised when i told him I'd found it on my own. don't know why, by now he should know I do my homework.

He wasn't tremendously happy with me having removed so many of Dominic's supplements, but in the long run we didn't add many back in.  I'd already added in a b complex and magnesium,  and they were definately needed.  So i got brownie points for reading his symptoms right (i didn't mention it was the Chiro's idea to add them back... ).  We are going to put him back on a multi vitamin, add back Gaba and Lysine (both were very low), and add Vit E (to help with the Apraxia and as an antioxident) and they only wanted to add 1 new thing, something called NRF2 pathway activator.  Its apparently good for naturally increasing the bodies Glutathione stores.   It appears to be broccoli seed, turmeric, black pepper and green tea.  So we'll give it a shot.  I've been underwhelmed with all of our previous glutathione increasers, so we will see if we like this one.  They sell it there for 3/4's the price it is online, oddly enough.  Everything else i can generally find cheaper online.

We also have decided to do the Vit A protocol again.  I pointed out that he had a toxic response (eg the super dry skin), so we decided to cut it in half and give it a shot.   So we'll see how that goes.  I will probably wait until we get the other stuff integrated in and then give it a whirl.   Fortunately, there's only 1 new thing.  everything else, we've had before and know he's not going to react poorly.

We'll go back the end of May and report in on how we're doing.   Fun times.

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