Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun With NeuroTransmitters

We did their recommended relatively expensive supplements for a few months but just didn’t see any wow’s with them.  So we stopped.  And we didn’t see any immediate issues with them.   We also last fall as part of the Unique Healing protocol backed way off on Dominic’s extra vitamins, including his multi and his b complex.  Again, no immediate reaction, BUT starting in December, Alpine began tracking escalating sensory seeking self stimulating behaviors.  They’ve increased noticeably each month since.

The NutrEval test we reviewed with Dr Kucera  yesterday noted was that Dominic’s level of B Vitamins was dismal. Dismal enough that he and his nutritionist both agree that it looked like the B Vitamin profile of a kid with the MTHFR genetic mutation.   Actually, we had labwork orders to check for thatparticular mutation after the last visit, but I never had it pulled (mostly because blood work with Dominic is a complete nightmare).   So we all agreed we should probably treat Dominic like he has that mutation (it really just means he needs a good b complex vitamin every day) and eventually get the test.

The NutrEval also noted that Dominic had extremely high (like off the charts) levels of 2 excitatory neurotransmitters, glutamate and aspartate.  According to my 15 minutes of googling, both of those chemicals are supposed to convert to GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter) with AST, an enzyme manufactured in the liver.  AST has a required cofactor of P5P, which is the bio available form of vitamin B6.   


So I’ve added B6 (P5P) back to Dominic’s regime and we’ll see how it does.  I have an email out to the nutritionist to see if the dosage is high enough.

I’m starting to think I should’ve taken biology and chemistry classes for my sciences in college instead of psychology and geology.


The Stockwells - Jeff, Sarah, Tom and Guinness said...

Hi there - been following your blog for a little while, not being creepy honest, we're also local and have a kiddo with autism. We did the MTHFR test (mentioned here on our blog - and I have to say, if Dominic does have this, supplementing with 5-MTHF is one of the best interventions we've done. Tons of language development and amazing jumps in pretend play. We've now switched to using cerefolin instead of the supplement form, because it also contains NAC, which we were previously paying for too. Anyway, our insurance will cover the regular stuff and also the compounded version through Lee Silsby, but it's been a way to cut the supplement bill. Good luck!

Joy said...

Hey! Email me - domsjourney at gmail dot com
I would love to actually chat with you on this. 5-MHTF is the folic acid form in the new B Complex that Kucera's office recommended (douglas lab b complex w/Metafolin) - according to Wiki, 5-MTHF is the same as l-methyfolate) Its got 400mcg and Dominic is 55lbs. Would love to know how that corresponds to your kiddo's dosage per weight.

Amy said...

Have you read Dr. Yasko's book because it talks about both the GABA/glutamate issue and MTHFR? You can view it for free at It's under free downloads. I haven't done her protocol because it looks way too expensive but I found the book helpful. The book mentions several supps to help balance GABA/glutamate. We're waiting on test results for my son right now to see if he has MTHFR mutation. I've always just given straight folinic acid but I just switched my son to the 5-MTHF. I haven't seen any changes but it's only been a week since we switched.

Joy said...

I have skimmed the Yasko stuff. Thats intense... But it does make sense. I've heard its OMG expensive, too.