Thursday, March 8, 2012

Catching up...

Been crazy busy, so apologies for lack o' blogging the last couple of weeks. 

We started Dominic on the new supplements (the new B complex, and the Nrf2)  from Dr Kucera on Feb 25.  That whole week was AWFUL.  Dominic went into ragey non compliance episodes ever day at Alpine, sometimes mulitple times.  Those episodes all involved mulitple self injurious behaviors (SIB's), mostly biting himself (on the arm, generally) as well as lots of lashing out to his therapists (biting, hitting, spitting, etc).  Very out of character for Dominic and distressing for all parties involved

We had a meeting that Thursday with Donna of Unique Healing to touch base and mentioned the ragey-ness.  I had already started GABA (an inhibitory neurotransmitter), and she suggested significantly increasing the amount (from 1 capsule to 8 per day). So Friday I went through Dominic's supplements and pulled out the B Complex and Nrf+, and added the high amount of GABA.  Saturday we had a cranial-sacral adjustment, and his frontal plates was out of alignment which can also make a person ragey.  so fixed that.

This week has been MUCH better.  No ragey non compliance episodes at Alpine.  The SIB's have now become only biting his shirt (a huge step up from biting himself).  Alpine took a field trip yesterday up to the Denver Aquarium, and Dominic had a BLAST, and had zero behaviors so that's also a good thing.

What I think we'll do is leave the supplements alone for another week, and then try adding back just the B Complex.  Probably at night so that he could sleep through any weird reactions (its all bio available forms of B so shouldn't make him hyper).  If it still makes him ragey, then we'll be done with it and try to find a different form of B Complex that does not increase behaviors.  Also in March, I think we'll try the high Vitamin A protocol again since that was so successful last spring.   I'm not sure I care about adding the Nrf2 back in, but eventually we'd try if only to use the 1 bottle that we bought.

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