Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dominic Tidbits from this week.

Dominic’s latest regular trick when he see’s one of us laying on the sofa under a blanket is to jump under it with us, pull it to his chin, say “Good Night”, and then fake a snore. Its ADORABLE and hilarious. 

Last week after I posted that things had been much better, on Thursday Dominic had an AWFUL day at Alpine.  I got there for pick up and he was in the middle of a non compliance episode.  His therapist was behind him doing hand over hand and his lead teacher was working with him directly.  There was lots of tears and flailing. He calmed down and finished his work. And then got his snack.  It was the worst he’d had all week.   I realized that they were “working for snack” which makes me twitchy anyway, and I made the point that when I get HUNGRY, I’m cranky and easily pushed to tears too.  So perhaps it was the late snack.  They kind of shrugged off that suggestion and when I got home I checked his lunchbox – he’d not eaten the majority of it.  (normally the para tells us when he doesn’t eat his lunch at D11, and we have him finish it in the car.  They didn’t tell us this particular time).   So I let Alpine know, and now they have instructions to give him and early / additional snack should he seem hungry or cranky.

This week has thusfar been phenomenal at Alpine.  High verbals all around. Monday there were a couple of behaviors, but Tuesday and Wednesday both had zero behaviors. No non compliance, no self injurious behaviors’s, nothing.  Both days I got there and therapist said he was FANTASTIC.  Which I like to hear.  He did have a second snack there yesterday, because he told his therapist he was hungry.  Which is just fine.   Yesterday he also apparently had a silly day, and they gave me two examples.  He was playing with Mr Potato Head, and he stuck the feet into the eyes.  When his therapist told him it didn’t go there, he told her it did in Toy Story. (and it did, go figure).  The other one was he raced his therapist back to their area, sat in HER chair, picked up HER pen and started pretending to take notes on his file.  Laughing maniacally.   So really good days.  Hopefully I don’t jinx the rest of the week by posting, but I’m thinking we may be over the behavioral hurdles from the Nrf2 and the high excitory neurotransmitters. 

We’ve had beautiful weather here this week, and so Dominic’s been spending lots of time outside.  Actually, so have I, and its funny, because as soon as I go outside to do whatever in the garden, he promptly puts the dog on the leash, and grabs his shoes and comes running after me to get me to tie them.

We continue to trial Gluten and Dairy every couple of days and are still seeing NO reactions.  I don’t quite know how to behave, but I think it means I don’t have to buy more of the SUPER expensive GFCF chicken fingers that he likes…  I still plan to make sure no one feeds him anything we didn’t provide.  But I think I can loosen up  on things as we run out of the GFCF versions of them, and feed Dominic the regular versions every so often.  We still don’t have our new oven (it may come tomorrow, Best Buy is supposed to get it in stock today), so we are getting  VERY tired of  our cooking options. But we did end up with a top of the line toaster oven about 2 weeks ago.  Mostly because I wanted to make garlic bread, and wanted to make more than 2 pieces of it at a time.   And this thing makes REALLY perfect toast, too.


Anonymous said...

If my son had to go without gluten, etc, he'd pretty much starve. He hates the gf stuff!

Joy said...

i agree, most of the GF sub foods are nasty. What we did was have rice or potatoes instead of bread/pasta. And i cooked everything from scratch.