Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dominic, the Moth Catcher.


So, Dominic  has never loved Miller Moths.  Last year, they scared him. This year, they are subject to intense scrutiny, verbal abuse (“fly away”, “stop it”), catching, and stomping on.  Today, he tried to put one in his pocket as we were leaving school going to Alpine.

The good news is, his verbals at school, where there was an infestation over the weekend, have been super high.  Because he’s yelling at them while trying to catch them. The bad news is his focus has been completely shot while they’ve been residing in his classroom.  Today his teacher caught one and put it in a jar, which calmed him down.  But he really doesn’t like them.

In other news… I did confirm that my boss would let me move to a 6-2 shift in the fall if necessary, AND we heard back from about their afterschool program. It is the $25/hr respite care, but they know that’s really expensive and want to offer us a partial scholarship.  What that means, we don’t know yet, but we have an appointment to speak with them about the program and details on May 7.   I’ve got an inquiry out to the School to find out if the SPED bus could drop him off in the fall (its outside our cache area, but just barely. I’m guessing they’ll probably say no, but its worth asking.  Myplaydate picks up at schools, apparently. Which is an idea I could get used to).  It would accomplish the hope of getting him some more social skill work but may still be cost prohibitive, we won’t know until we speak with them.

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