Thursday, April 26, 2012

BUGGY. And more on after school stuff...

Dominic caught a moth this morning, came tearing out of the office - moth in hand - sorted thru his toy chest w/one hand to find the plastic case w/a toy in it, dumped the toy out, shoved the fluttering moth in, capped it. And called it Buggy. Buggy sat with him at breakfast. He shook buggy up frequently to see him flutter. Buggy was quite dead when I left for work.  When I called Rod later, the container was still there but Buggy had gone missing. We're sort of hoping he flushed him instead of taking him to school. 


We had our parent meeting with Alpine today.  Verbals are up, but they’re not tracking sentences like I’d wanted them to, so those numbers aren’t valid anymore (they only write down a sentence the first time he says it, so if he says the same thing, like “I want tickles” more than once, it only gets counted once).  I’m not really happy about this, but it’s the best they can do.  Behaviors are up across the board, and they’re working to get those down.  They think its because of different environments having different expectations, and I agree.  If that’s the case, behaviors will level out in a few weeks when we go to 100% Alpine.

Speaking of that, he won’t start full days until June 11 because of Alpine staffing issues.  Which cuts our June bill by about $800.  Which is not a bad thing. Dominic’s 2 favorite therapists have given their notice and are leaving within a week of each other, so we’re all sad.  He’ll be getting new ones, and this is not the first major staffing change he’s had, but its still a major bummer.


I did find out about another after school possibility for next year.  Zach’s place, which is a local respite center, will pick kids up from elementary schools for $3 per pickup / $15 a week.  And their fee for hourly care is on a sliding scale but it sounds like it’d be in the $7-10/hr range.

So we’re going to go see them on Friday May 5 and Playdate on Monday May 7.  If either of those will work, we will decide which one so we have the transportation thing sorted out by the end of this school year.  We did learn that Zach’s place is the only non profit respite / child care center for special needs kids in the county.  And is 1 of 2 in the state.  The director was very nice, if a bit chatty.    So we’ll see.

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