Friday, April 27, 2012

You know you couldn't get thru April without a Vaccine post from me...

 Ya’ll need to go read this article over at Thinking Moms Revolution. I'll wait. Go read it.

 That flier from the CDC you’re supposed to get providing informed consent prior to Vaccines.  I never got a copy of when Dominic got the shots he got.  It clearly states among the lists of reasons NOT to get the shot is a child being sick,  and mentions that “any disease that affects the immune system” (hello, isn’t that pretty much EVERYTHING from an illness point of view?)  could be a reason not to get the shot. 

If someone had told us when Dominic was a baby that a family history of autoimmune diseases meant vaccines could cause major issues, we would’ve never gotten any.  We thought we were being conservative and safe by delaying 2 years and then going 1 at a time…  I really think had we vaccinated on schedule, Dominic would’ve been much more impacted by the viral brain injury from him MMR.

Yeah, I know we adults were all vaccinated and didn’t have nearly the issues all these kids are having from allergies, asthma, childhood cancers, and autism/add/adhd.  But if you read the whole article over there… you’ll see this nifty chart.  This is the difference in vaccines then and now.  Its actually quite shocking.  But… hey… the pharmaceutical industry’s got nothing to lose, since the US LAW exempts them from lawsuits around vaccines, so they might as well rake in the cash wherever they can. Can we all say CHA-CHING???

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Heather said...

My kids are vaccinated, and I have received them every time! At 4 different doctor's offices, too. Sorry you haven't.