Sunday, April 29, 2012

this and that catch up post.

Thursday and Friday, Dominic had fantastic days at Alpine.  Thursday, zero behaviors and super high verbals, and then Friday 1 behavior (but apparently it was superquick), and a repeat of those super high verbals.   Even though in our parent meeting on Thursday they told us that Dominic's behaviors were up across the board, he just had 2 days in a row of nothing

We literally just finished week 3 of the new Speak EFA.   Not getting excited, but, the paperwork that they sent with it specifically has a section in the FAQ that says:
"My child seems more emotional, weepy,agitated.  Is this normal?  Emotional outbursts and transient moods are common when children begin supplementing with omega 3 supplements. Each child is different.  If your child has been very compliant, a change in his behavior may be considered normal.  Parents have reported the "Tasmanian Devil" effect where children become very active, oppositional but in time (2-3 weeks) rebalance"

I had advised Alpine about this when we started, but I'm guessing they forgot.  I didn't realize until I checked the calendar that we were at that magic 3 weeks.  So we'll see how he does next week.


I took another pile of supplements over for Dominic's cranial sacral / allergy appointment yesterday to have the dosage calibrated with muscle testing.   Did some interesting rearranging (way more magnesium and b complex and curcumin, plus we added in lysine.  Way less bentonite).  We'll give that a shot for a week, and then we have to do a urine neurotransmitter test in preparation for a Dr K appointment the end of May.


We're hosting a playdate this afternoon - we invited ALL the kids and parents from Alpine and so it'll be interesting to see how many / who show up.  In discussions with the other moms at pickup, we all are in the same "complete lack of social life" boat, so we're going to make our own.  We'll see how this goes, but I could see it evolving into a once or twice  a month families get together with a once or twice a month parent night out.   One step at a time.

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Kelly Wagner said...

Is Alpine a special needs school? I love the thought of getting together with other parents who find the public arena too stressful with their autistic kiddos.