Friday, April 6, 2012

Lets play Non Compliance bingo!

So Thursday was not a good Therapy day for Dominic.  For the second time (ever, and both in the last month), I walked in to get Dominic at Alpine to find him in full non compliance - which means he had 2 therapists, one directing him with instruction and the other sitting behind him on the floor, physically hand over handing him to each item.  While he screamed and flailed.  So lets look at possible causes.

- He didn't finish his chicken at lunch, actually he had less than a bite (its a new recipe and he doesn't like it at all).  The NC episodes both times followed poor lunch consumption and were at the end of the last session of the day, when he blood sugar would've been tanking.

- He's got allergy shiners again and the pollen and mold counts are ridiculous here today.  Seasonal allergy symptoms can make a person miserable.

- Thursday morning, he got up and turned his light on at 5:30.  He usually sleeps until past 6.  So who knows how long he was awake before he turned the light on, but there was probably some sleep deprivation involved.

- He's either got a lower GI bug or is having a yeast flare.  In the 3 hours he was at Alpine alone,  he pooped 3 times.  I'm on my last bottle of colloidal, and have another order that should be here soon. At which time we're cranking the dosage back up for a few days.

- Alpine pushes him far harder than any other setting.  Alpine is also the only place we get reports of behavior issues like this.  He's stubborn (like his mom), and when he hits his expiration point, he's just done.  If he did this kind of meltdown at home more than once a blue moon, I'd need medication.

- Supplements / diet- there were no changes that might've triggered this, so that wouldn't be a cause.

~ Its the full moon.  that always is a factor in our kids.

~ and we can't forget the growth / development spurts that can cause issues, too....

Its frustrating because at home we're seeing some interesting shifts this week.

Thursday morning, he was taking his small toy dogs and giving them baths in the CARS movie Semi trailer that normally is for McQueen.  That is very imaginative.  He's been racing his cars around lately.  He's been using different sentences independently at home, for example, instead of just handing me Shanti's collar and saying "Collar", he's been handing it to me and saying "Put on Collar"

We also only have a few more months of being able to afford ABA and we want really badly for him to get the most out of it.  NC episodes mean he's not getting any benefit from that time.  And as expensive as Alpine is, they're the cheapest ABA center based provider in the nation. (because they're a non profit).  Even if we were to find someone qualified to do a home based continuation program after school next year, we would be looking at a minimum of $60/hr out of pocket.  (Alpine is around $42/hr)

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Sam said...

My husband eats a high protein diet and eats more often than is typical in our culture (at least every 4 hours). If he has goone too long without eating and isn't eating enough protein he slides down the spectrum, acting angry and I can tell his head is "fuzzy." Does that makes any sense?

All this is to say I think you are on the right track to suspect food/protein in NC episodes.