Thursday, April 5, 2012


Its probably a good thing I compulsively research, and try to stay on top on the latest and greatest interventions that other autism parents are trying because every so often one resonates with me that we want to try.  There are lots out there that we don’t try, too.

I caught a post over at Autismweb from parents talking about what interventions best helped their child with apraxia, which is a speech disorder in which the syllables  of the words get all mixed up.,  Dominic does this.  Less than he used to, but he still does it.  For example, instead of blanket, he says banketlay.  One of the things one person mentioned as being  helpful was the Speak EFA.  Now, back in January, Dr K noted that Dominic’s EFA  levels were a little low, so encouraged us to increase his fish oils.  Which we did.  But yesterday when I found mention of this particular combination (of high EPA/DHA fish oil, Vit E and Vit K) being specifically marketed to increase speech in OUR kids (it was MADE for them, based on parents needs), I was intrigued.   So I’ve done some communicating with the company (LOVE that they’ve emailed me back rapidly.  Good communication is excellent), gotten my couple of questions answered appropriate, and I’ve ordered the starter kit to try.  If  we get good results, it could be a keeper.  The testimonials are certainly encouraging (but we all know all kids are different, etc etc)

I also found an essential oil blend that is anti bacterial and anti mold. As in, it’ll kill mold.  Given that my allergies and Dominic’s allergies are flaring (and we keep having to retreat Mold w/NAET in both of us, making me think that we’re getting exposure somewhere, potentially at home), I’m going to be spritzing the house with this EO when it arrives.  Since I’m not allergic to scents anymore (yay NAET), it should work out beautifully.

There’s tons of buzz online about a new protocol coming out of Europe/Russia, regarding GcMAF, which is being used by some US Autism Doctors as a prep for stem cell transplanting.  The idea is the  macraphages eat viruses and bacteria, but because they are a form of the vitamin D binding protein, they have no side effects.  I caught the first whif’s of this from the Thinking Mom’s Revolution blog.   Because we talk to each other.  And I went and spent some time reading DrBradstreets blog about it. And its interesting. But the price is prohibitive right now, and its just too new for us to even think about.  I’ll keep watching tho.  And maybe down the road we’ll ask Dr K what he thinks… and we’ll see.

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