Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this and that...

On eye contact…
Dominic has made great strides with eye contact over the last couple of years, but until very recently it was still fleeting.  So he’d look at you ever so briefly but not really connect.

In the last week or so, I’ve been making a real effort to force deeper eye contact during our evening routine.  To the point of literally using my finger to point at my nose when I want him to be looking at me.  Its working!  I’m so thrilled!  Its so much nicer to go through the bedtime routine and have him actually LOOKING at me when he’s talking to me.  He did it for Rod last night, too, and Rod was equally thrilled. 

No idea which intervention its related to, but we’ll take it.
Verbals seem to be holding steady at Alpine. Interestingly we’re back to Mands being more prevalent than tacts (so he’s requesting more than he is labeling.  I think this may be a function of more sentences)
I think Dominic’s got another bacterial overgrowth in his gut… so we’ll be doing another round of high dose Colloidal silver to get rid of it.  He’s just been very stinky, and silly, and in the bathroom too frequently each day. 

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