Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday updates

Dominic’s behaviors were going well at Alpine but not so much yesterday, hopefully its high histamine triggered and adding Quercitin like I did last night and this morning will have some effect. Oddly enough, D11 reports him having great days on the days that he has major non compliance at Alpine.  I am starting to think that the difference in expectations between environments is wearing hard on him.  Only ~6 more  weeks of school this year and then we’ll be to just one environment.

So far, I’m under impressed with the Speak EFA supplement.  Not only have we not seen an increase in verbals at Alpine, we’ve seen probably a 30% decrease this week at Alpine (but D11 numbers are holding steady, which is just weird) Frustrating. Maybe its histamines – allergy season is hideous this year and he’s got the dark circle allergy shiners going on.    But we’ll keep trying, maybe when I up the dosage this weekend, we’ll see something.

I’m burning out on writing tons of posts, and frankly I’m completely over Autism Awareness month.  And it is only the 12th.

But we are walking in the Alpine 5k next week. If you’re local, we want you to come out and walk with us.  We go at Dominic’s pace.  The first year, that had us dead last.  Last year, we finished mid-pack.  This year will probably be the same.  If its not rainy, we’ll be taking the dog along as he was TREMENDOUSLY helpful in keeping Dominic from freaking out inthe crowd last year.

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