Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Updates on this new EFA supplement.

We started the new EFA on Saturday.  The instructions specifically said that one of the things you could expect when starting EFA’s (and remember, Dominic’s been on EFA’s of one variety or another for 4 years, so he’s not new to them in general) were increased emotional outbursts and transient moods which balance over 2-3 weeks.  We didn’t see anything like that on Sunday, but he did Stim like crazy (and the very gross annoying stim of spitting is back.  He hasn’t done that one at home like this in MONTHS).  He also was extremely chatty and independently got out the train set that he hasn’t played with in at least a year (if not longer), set it up, and put a toy horse on the tracks then proceeded to run it over with the train.

Yesterday he had an awesome, happy day, but had lower verbals than usual at Alpine.  So we'll see how things go over the next few weeks.  As we all know, I simply don't get excited about anything anymore.

The paperwork that came with the EFA said that if we took before and after video (they want a 4 month interval to really see if there’s a good effect), and sent them in, they’d send us 3 free boxes of the supplement.  So I took a couple of quick video’s yesterday and we’ll take more in 4 months.   Hey, they’re expensive, might as well try to get a break on them.

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