Monday, May 7, 2012

And... the winner of our Afterschool business next fall is...

No one.

We decided that we're just not that comfortable with someone other than ourselves picking Dominic up in a private vehicle each day from D11.  Especially if that someone might rotate from day to day and maybe be someone he didn't know.

So, the school is filling out transportation plans for Dominic that include a drop off after school by the SPED bus.  School gets out at 2:30... I'm guessing dropoff will be between 2:45 and 3, depending on the bus drivers route, but we will find that out in the fall.   If for some reason Rod's schedule can't be tweaked to be home by 2:30 every day, then I have clearance from my boss to change my hours to 6am-2pm every day.

While it doesn't address the issue of additional out of school socialization, I'm comfortable committing to getting Dominic over to the gym for their daycare a couple of times a week.

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