Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear incredibly out of touch coworker:

When you tell me to go have a cuddly afternoon with my kiddo, it takes everything in the world that I have to not bite your head off.

My kiddo is equally likely to spend the afternoon growling at me, spitting on me, hitting me,  flailing his arms in the air, scripting, biting himself or me and/or banging his head on the wall as he is to spend it being in any way shape or form cuddly.  I never know what I'll get when I pick him up in the afternoon - will he have had a good, productive therapy session or will he have spent who knows how much time in non compliance, which consists of the above - which in my mind is a tremendous waste of the money we've been killing ourselves to pay out of pocket for therapy.

I'm keeping myself together in my workplace literally by the skin of my teeth most days, because the refrain in the back of my head is always around trying to find the elusive therapy / supplement / unicorn poop thats going to give Dominic the tools he needs to even have a hope of being an independent human being.  I simply cannot deal with being patronized. 

Kindly refrain from being the proverbial straw, this camel's back is entirely too full.

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