Friday, June 8, 2012

Helloooooo, Summer

Even tho we haven't hit Solstice yet, the Hot days (90 today) and Thunder storms (holy hail, batman) are here.

We got the worst hail storm I've ever seen a couple of nights ago... this is what the deck looked like

The flowers and vegetables got obliterated.  So today, I replanted, and i've been working on making hail screens for my veggies.  Because I don't want to have to replant again.

Also today, we toured the YMCA and let Dominic interact with the daycamp counselors for a bit.  It was a success, and we signed him up for the week of July 2, when Alpine is closed.  We'll see how that week goes, but its a HUGE step, and I think it'll be tremendous for him socially.

Since we were at the Y, and Dominic saw their pool... he's been BEGGING to go swimming.   We don't have a membership at any of the pools this year (and honestly, outside doesn't agree with me in more than about 30 minutes bursts), so Rod set up the fishy pool that we had in the laundry room (this is the pool that i used when i was in labor).  The top tube has a hole in it, but the bottom two work just fine.  We're trying to find a patching system for the hole.

He LOVED it:

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